Cramped, brimming with knick-knacks, and smelling of floral perfume, a visit to Second Time Around is more like rummaging around your grandparent's basement than a trip to the thrift store. Shelves of Lucite napkin rings, metallic cat art and Mr. T paperweights make furnishing your apartment, adding to your stamp collection or scoring novelty gifts a cinch. They also have an entire room of floor to ceiling bookshelves boasting everything from Marcel Proust to Chuck Palahniuk. Second Time Around also offers a wide selection of craft materials, scrap fabric and linens, clothing, accessories and shoes.

Location: 107 Ellett Rd.

Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, Closed Sunday through Tuesday.

Pricing: Prices are generally low to start and are always negotiable, with the occasionally overpriced item that leaves you wondering if you "just don't get it," and a slew of marvelous finds so cheap you feel guilty. Typically, housewares, clothing, books and linens are all under $4, while furniture is more expensive.

Why You Should Give it a Chance: Second Time Around not only offers an unparalleled selection of kitschy stapes, but a host of enthusiastic volunteers who get almost as excited about your purchases as you do. They offer advice, assistance and the occasional cookie throughout your visit.

Charity: According to the Humane Society of Montgomery County's Web site, proceeds from Second Time Around "go directly to the support of the dogs and cats at our animal shelter," a "No Kill" shelter and nonprofit organization devoted to public education and the welfare of domesticated animals.

Promotions and Upcoming Events: There is always a "free table" that features a variety of complimentary books, miscellaneous parts and trinkets. Shoppers have the opportunity to enter a weekly drawing for a $5 gift certificate to the store with every purchase.

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